Audio service

Our offers and actual solutions for working with sound:

– BackSound voice, synchronized voiceover on an existing video. Making only by professional narrators and actors;
– BackSound voice at 16 foreign languages. Development of texts, casting and selection of professional narrators;
– The comprehensive “Answering Machine” service : Registration phone number of any country, installation of automatic answer to this call in any language;
– Sound clips (voiceover). Sound clips with the substitution of the voice in a shot at the voices of professional actors;
– The “Audio advertising” service. Development of unique solutions for an advertising texts for your business product and their implementation in the form of promo-video with professional speakers and actors.

Our studio has a modern hardware and software that allow us to implement any creative concept and implement digital and analog mastering at a professional level. Numerous projects on scoring which were already successfully realized by staff of our studio, allow to claim with confidence that we will be able to cope with a task of any complexity. And the well-coordinated group of experts working at our studio possesses unique experience in the plan of both creative, and technical realization of any tasks connected with creation of the qualitative and unique concept of a sound of the order of any complexity. Our experience and our knowledge constantly find the continuation in steady improvement and development of skills and professional growth. And it gives prerequisites for dynamic progress and a raising of service of the clients on new levels.