For Internet users who are an expert in safety, is of great importance, how seriously the owner of this or that site approached safety of the visitors and customers. The encrypting of transmitted data in this washed away is one of the main requirements imposed for modern websites. Any person who may eventually become your clients open you own Internet resource will be able to see the painted green color an address bar in the browser. And it will cause at once an intuitive positive arrangement of the person in your site, and, so and to your offer too. After all, security is never too much! A “green bar” is a business card with which, actually, and acquaintance of the person to your offer begins. Having bought once “green bar”, you will be able to convince any visitor of your site of gravity and solidity of the project and, as a result, to increase attendance, sales and the income of your business.

Our offer: Comodo EV SSL
Benefits certificate Comodo EV SSL:

  • SSL certificate with EV – the new level of trust to your site as such certificate is issued only after carrying out expanded check of the company;
  • The green browser address bar, and company name in it;
  • Increase in sales and earnings;
  • The raised credibility of visitors to your store or company;
  • Complete anonymity of the customer.

We provide a full package of legal and hardware support for obtaining the certificate of Comodo EV SSL:

  • Official registration of the company with all the documents of title; – Provide services for issuing Extended Validation SSL Certificate (EV) (Green Address Bar) for your website, portal, online store, hyip-project;
  • Obtaining the certificate is carried out by the Comodo certified center and these certificates are correctly displayed in any Internet browsers.



If you had an interesting idea, but you didn’t decide on its embodiment in reality yet, contact to us! Our experts will be able to realize any your idea. Just it is rather simple to formulate it. And our company will embody your idea “turnkey”. Beginning from development of the concept, finishing with completely ready site with unique design.

The main components of the provided service:

For clients who appreciate the time, we present to their attention the next exclusive service: “turnkey” development of designs for the sites of any thematic orientation and the subsequent coordination of all legal nuances.

– development of design;
– coordination and filling by content;
– text content.

Besides, at the request of the client we will be able to make compilation and adaptation of ready design for any “engine-site”, or a “script”. Ordering of complex service not only will save your time and money, but also will make safer your future site as all works will be performed by our company only, without involvement of third parties.



When conceiving the new project, the site or a startup, the most widespread mistake of owners, – lack of balance between design of the site and its content. Especially text. Most of customers pay not enough attention to such content, focusing on directly design of the own project. And in it the effect so-called “the postponed failure” when seemingly the project have quite good in appearance for some reason has not special success with audience. And the reason, strangely enough, can be just covered in poor quality of texts, plainness and simplicity of the executed texts, or even it is simple in trivial solecism! And after all it is always necessary to remember that the modern Internet visitor is experienced and in the majority the spoiled user to whom is to what to compare. Also it is necessary to do everything possible that such comparison was only in favor of your Internet project.

For this purpose our studio has all necessary. The company’s staff are professional copywriters who capable to create unique texts directly on your idea and your requirements work. The group of translators who are carriers of native languages, will be able to make qualitative and professionally close translation because it is people who think in language carrier and correctly understand the tasks set for them.

To attention of administrators of Internet projects!

Our services:

– Creation of “Legend” on any subject. Possibility of development and subject;
– Writing of “FAQ” of the section from a clean sheet;
– A copywriting of any complexity. Thare is the name of the project, creation of content for the sections “about us”, “terms and conditions”, “agreements”, “responsibility”, “regulations on spam”, “safety” and other;
– Professional translation of the texts written in Russian onto English, German, French, Chinese, Hebrew, Turkish languages. Create prestigious and distinguished image of your project together with us!


When your business project, start-up or on-line project was created and began to take shape the final completion of a product that can make a profit and be available to the consumer, always important and need a fact of visualization of images, which are make a potential client the main message of stimulating and make your business not just a context- virtual and understandable but and accessible to the full perception for near-oriented people. It’s no wonder what say: “it is better to see once than hear a hundred times”!

By our company has developed the unique algorithms creating intuitive video sequence which capable of holding the attention of potential customers from the first second viewing to the end of proposed video. High-quality graphics, competent and professional casting, testing of the finished product by the psychological, moral and adaptive and social compatibility of the proposed content in the environment of the potential audience – this is not a complete list of features that we possess.

Development of the script and libretto, the ability to create a unique sound row combined with the most modern technology of animation and sound recording can will impress even the most discerning customers. We are always one step ahead, we are always at the peak of the trend and at the vanguard of media technologies. With our capabilities you will be successful!


Our offers and actual solutions for working with sound:

– BackSound voice, synchronized voiceover on an existing video. Making only by professional narrators and actors;
– BackSound voice at 16 foreign languages. Development of texts, casting and selection of professional narrators;
– The comprehensive “Answering Machine” service : Registration phone number of any country, installation of automatic answer to this call in any language;
– Sound clips (voiceover). Sound clips with the substitution of the voice in a shot at the voices of professional actors;
– The “Audio advertising” service. Development of unique solutions for an advertising texts for your business product and their implementation in the form of promo-video with professional speakers and actors.

Our studio has a modern hardware and software that allow us to implement any creative concept and implement digital and analog mastering at a professional level. Numerous projects on scoring which were already successfully realized by staff of our studio, allow to claim with confidence that we will be able to cope with a task of any complexity. And the well-coordinated group of experts working at our studio possesses unique experience in the plan of both creative, and technical realization of any tasks connected with creation of the qualitative and unique concept of a sound of the order of any complexity. Our experience and our knowledge constantly find the continuation in steady improvement and development of skills and professional growth. And it gives prerequisites for dynamic progress and a raising of service of the clients on new levels.