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Talent gives an idea, only a team can make this idea come true
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When you decided on what you want, at once there is a question: "Who will be able to make it?" There is a many offers in the Internet, but in the majority it see in narrowly targeted, strictly specialized area. And therefore people who want to create the project, should spend a lot of time not only for search of all necessary experts, but also for synchronizing then their efforts. We do everything in a complex. You can simply come to us with own idea, and get back competently made, thought over and sharply perfected business tool in the form of the site of any type and mission, capable effectively and unmistakably to solve problems which range was designated by you at an initial stage of its development. From the initial concept to the working project! This is our credo. We can make and embody design of any complexity in reality, adapt it under most modern and reliable "engines", execute all complex of hardware-software measures for compliance of a correctness of work of the site with all mobile versions of Internet browsers.

Our studio of the audio-video recording will help you to solve the problems associated with the promotion of your product on the Internet and in the media space. The videos and a sound row executed by our experts at the highest professional level is a modern solution of Public relations of your business! We will help you with that about your business, your site learned the most large number of Internet users. For this purpose we have a set of ways of mailing of all necessary information with the guaranteed positive end result. We provide the maximum coverage of target audience in the minimally terms of work of advertizing mailings.

Ensuring safe and trouble-free operation of the site – nearly the most important task which faces the owner. With our help you will be able to supply your site with modern methods of counteraction to a phishing, DDOS attacks and to establish protection of enciphering of data with full technical and legal support. All necessary means will be provided and activated by our experts in a short time. Our collective will also be able to help you with creation of unique texts and we do the SPECIAL OFFER for HYIP and MLM projects: "turnkey" development not only the web site with absolute fullness content, but also creation of investment plans taking into account their relevance both from the point of view of real profitability, and from the point of view of their correctness of drawing up in mathematical sense.

The world of Internet community is dynamic in fact and many-sided according to the contents. And we will always help those who will want to join organically this community, having become its integral and important part.

Our team
Dmitry Solyankin

Site administrator, russian-speaking technical support operator

Caroline Crawford

Programmer, international technical support operator

Buck Underwood

HTML/CSS layout designer, international technical support operator

Julia Hicks

Video editing / Video graphics,
sound recording technical support operator

John Lender

Founder of the W-SHOP.CC studio

Emily Wade

Translator, linguist

Artem Artemyev

Marketer, PR manager

Emma Daniels